Ask yourself, “What am I here to do and be?”

— Dr. David Nowell

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Dr. David Nowell

Dr. David Nowell

In private practice since 1999, one of Dr. Nowell’s passions is the translation of neuropsychological and brain research to functional and understandable terms in order to solve real-life problems. Whether for patients and families he sees in the hospital or outpatient setting or for organizations (attorneys, insurance companies, schools) who refer clients to him for consultation, Dr. Nowell’s goal is to conduct a curious and compassionate examination, and to offer clear feedback and practical recommendations.



“Dr. Nowell’s work delivers both knowledge and inspiration to the training participant serving individuals with ADHD.”


“Dr. Nowell remains in my experience one of the best teachers I have watched and worked with over a long career.”


“People were thrilled with you, your work, and your presentation.”


You truly have a gift and passion for connecting with others and sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

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